January – February 2021

*In an all encompassing and supportive conversation of the work, with Tyrone, my ask was in his considering directing the work; but in having read the 3 Frames script, as well as the full length play, and feeling its substance as fodder for dialogue with audiences, Tyrone determined that he would rather facilitate as Quick Silver Theater Company Artistic Dir in this process, and give the work support through a reading, as well as its initial workshop, for "Frame 1".

With that as overview of what would be needed- he not only suggested a theater director for the piece, Timothy Douglas, but in anticipation of all being well in this course of our conversation, had reached out to him and got his agreement to direct the work, in its initial workshop.

*Tyrone & Timothy fashioned the cast list; QSTC navigated the funding of a table reading of the full length play, in February -and agreed to funding a portion of the subsequent 3 Frames workshop, which was agreed to for March 2021.

*..incredibly grateful, I found QSTC gave space to the unusual concept of the work - not only in its immersive experience of a man's unraveling into aspects of memory, but also in the dimensions of Zoom 'tech architecture' Brendan had created- an environment of 'untethered landscape' of ambitious style and unique visual journey.