The BY ME Project...


Zeitgeist creating hits the ground as journey of work / Tom Minter

..In the fall of 2019 I began writing the full length play By Me You’ll Never Know which speaks to dynamic issues of class, caste, fear of ‘otherness’.. and, what later I came to term, the weight of legacy in the ‘undiscussed’ of black culture…

In expecting to be able to have chance of workshops and platform for its content, it emerged into the unforeseen of pandemic hiatus.

As so many have, I diverted, creating in Zoom-scape, and determined to stretch my leaning into the unknowable..

I've curated a timeline in hope of sharing the steps of chance, support, serendipity, challenge, and continuing.. which has enveloped choices for content of this work, in course of its journey..



  • Conversation & Context video, in culmination of 3 FRAMES / BY ME

    Conversation & Context video, in culmination of 3 FRAMES / BY ME


  • December 2021 - February 2022

    *..memory, loss, grief, and the family trauma which swirls that mix, was broad landscape of compassion upon which our audiences shared space, and reflection..

  • I admire many writers, but always feel a deep resonance in Ben Okri's writing. ask unthinkable questions ..

  • November 2021

    *..a culminating workshop to be proud of!

  • October 2021

    *..determined the project needs an Executive Producer who would engage in theater funding as well as mapping schedule..

  • August – September 2021

    The Phillips workshop was a deeper success ..allowing for the grip of the narrative and characterizations to be felt as 'immersive' compelling feature..

  • May – July 2021

    ..with permission of The Phillips Collection and lead curator Elsa Smithgall.. we commissioned Adam Easterling, a graphic animation artist, to create animations "inspired by" 5 of the Jacob Lawrence Migration Series panels, which would resonate the intergenerational dialogue between ANNIE and KENNETH SR..

  • April 2021 way of post performance talk backs, audiences reinforced understanding of the work's potency being unique entry into the 'undiscussed'- momentum now, we've identified the host entity for our next workshop presentation: to be in DC..

  • March 2021

    Teething issues and unexpected strains of technology.. became the unexpected ‘partner’ in this initial workshop..

  • January – February 2021

    Quick Silver Theater Company and its Artistic Director, Tyrone Henderson, give support to the first workshop!