3 FRAMES / BY ME ..view at the culmination of a unique iteration

3 FRAMES / BY ME ..view at the culmination of a unique iteration

by, Tom Minter


.. fresh from having completed the full-length play By Me You’ll Never Know in January of 2020, it was a challenge to discern why I’d even written such a work on caste, class, and spectrum to ‘weight of legacy’ as ‘the undiscussed’. 

-..who would be interested…? And even for those interested, how would an audience experience the paradigm of this work, as, by March 2021, we were...

3 Frames / By Me Project


In London, gay, black playwright, KEN JOHNSON, finds himself provoked to question his being in “this elsewhere”, by his friend GREER, another playwright, who is a confirmed American ex-pat.

 In an unexpected exchange, GREER finds such gaps in KEN’s memory of his early life, in Harlem, that she challenges him to head back, and accept the journey...

Podcast of Interview with Rebekah O'Rourke

Nuance with Tom Minter by Experience: Our Ally at Work • A podcast on Anchor

Tom is a keen observer of the human condition and how we interact across our differences. A black playwright based in Washington D.C, he draws on his own experience to offer works that provoke us to examine the impact of the paradigms we inhabit.  ...