Just Out The Window / Performance Piece for BARITONE, ALTO & ACCOMPANIST

COMMISSIONED BY: Washington National Opera
PREMIERED: Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, November

This 45 minute multi-media work, is also a performance piece for BARITONE, ALTO and ACCOMPANIST, portraying Three Denizens of a neighbourhood, who are Witness to change, and lead our journey through thematic lenses of neighbourhood, community, music, and culture.


The Me I Want To Sing

COMMISSIONED BY: Kennedy Honors & Washington National Opera
PREMIERED: The Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage

This 55 minute multi-media work, is also a performance piece for SOPRANO, ALTO and ACCOMPANIST that celebrates the lives, friendship, and artistic legacy of two women of color, Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price.

Blues for a Royal Flush

COMMISSIONED BY: Stanford in Washington (SIW)
PREMIERED: Duke Ellington School for Arts, February 2014

Written as a work in two Acts, Blues imagines a journey of synchronicity upon divergent routes to platform for talented black music artists in the 1930’s, into 1960’s, through a segregated America, and further nuanced by caste, class, and gender.