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…in January 2006 my uncle gave me the play of a friend of his to read, comment on and, hopefully, assist in finding a conduit for... I read the piece, and enjoyed it. But the work had a British theme; it was a story around the ascension of George VI to the British throne, his stammer, and the help he received from an unorthodox Aussie speech therapist. I knew that a very good theatre producer friend of mine in London, Joan Lane, who is very well networked, would find the piece of interest. I sent it on to her. Four years later, and further down stream, the play is realized as a film, and the film is called The Kings Speech, featuring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Gambon; Tom Hooper directs; the film was done by Bedlam Film Productions, and is being distributed by the Weinstein Company. Heady stuff. it turns out, the world evolves its own serendipity; Bedlam Film Productions is the group interested in my screenplay, In The Shadow of the Phoenix. I’d met Simon Egan, of Bedlam, this past August, and we spoke of my script; the conversation continues –but he heard of my initial facilitation of The Kings Speech, and has invited me to the NY premiere of the film, next Monday, the 8th November, at the Ziegfeld, and the after party. …in the confluence of things, it is quite an honor; on the other hand, I’m kinda stunned. But I look forward to being in the audience witnessing how the Universe works… and how open handed gestures, really do find reward.. Fingers crossed for In The Shadow Of The Phoenix, please.. and I promise to share the details of the NY premiere..

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