MinterTom  Apr.06.2013 0 Comments

It’s funny, but when the days are in the freezing rip of winter, there’s little thought of “chill”; it’s too cold! ..But the days are now doing a dervish sport of tag, and hurtle from one extreme temperature to its opposite.. Blasts of arctic winds sweep along the streets; green buds brace, clasped tight to naked sticks. And then, perhaps even a few hours on, the day changes- pivots into a warm working sunlight; the air seems to expand, gain weight, heat, and suddenly a shiver goes up the spine as the thermometer wrestles out of cold.. ..and my eyes notice color to the bushes; bulbs in the yards; splashes of bright yellow, as daffodils breach to give street corners a reminder that they abut parks.. -my eyes slide along the trail of burgeoning color, across vying shades of imminent blooms.. and I find a sigh, in spite of my chilled self, as I, too, feel a surge to blossom into an incarnation past winter – a purpose of me that will be fertile ground to all manner of projects and aspirations.. But then the sun dodges elsewhere; the cloud that comes is frosty; the sky looks like snow. ..and then another moment on.. the ray of light comes that reminds me that this really is the crack through the ice..

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