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..the quiet is not because nothing is happening..

it's just that, some things happening, gel best in their own time and quiet..  

On December 7th in NY, at Theatre Communications Group, Derek Goldman and The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, hosted a table reading of my play RECONSTRUCTION, directed by Tamilla Woodard. The depth of my thanks, to everyone in the room - Joy Jones, Marjorie Johnson, Bob Jaffe, Ylfa Edelstein, Kieron Anthony, Nathan Hinton, and Luke Edward Smith - for the candor, focus, engagement, and insightful reflections that supported this work.. And now it seems, onward; Mosaic Theater is interested in presenting this work in their reading series, on February 24th 2020, in DC. More soon.. - but in the interim, a précise on the play:  


In the wake of her mother's death, a black television exec, Ioni Mitchell, navigates feelings of isolation.. and loss of family - until memories of her mother take to directing Ioni's focus to a portrait, that has always hung above her bed.. In identifying the artist of the portrait, Ioni discovers choices made in an America of the 1870's, whose consequences and deeper secrets haunt an unexpected ancestor, in contemporary France..

The play, moving in time between the present and 1875 - America and France - bears Witness to a startling family history of caste and color .. and reveals crucial hard truths attached to the reality of Freedom..

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