opening doors

MinterTom Jun.22.2010 0 Comments I stood in the shade of the tree line, trying not to puddle in the 95 degree heat and humidity of this past Saturday, I watched something incredible..

I have always been an advocate of ‘opening doors’ –of finding ways to engage a mind that might not normally be aware or available to some connection of music that I know and love. I don’t ever want to foist this on anyone.. But as I was introduced to the world of music by loving and adventurous souls, I am always pressed to do so as well..

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threading time..

MinterTom Jun.13.2010 0 Comments

In a joint project of 2009, WNO partnered with the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative to collect the oral histories of residents of Ward 7 and record the stream of memories the community holds.

I was hired by the opera company not only to facilitate the recording of the histories but to fashion the questions which would best create conversation and reflection. By the end of the daylong interview process, we felt that we needed more balance from the youth of the neighborhood, and so made another date to head to the Teen Center to collect their side of community.

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