...a few years ago, up stream..

MinterTom Life Nov.06.2010 0 Comments

…in January 2006 my uncle gave me the play of a friend of his to read, comment on and, hopefully, assist in finding a conduit for... I read the piece, and enjoyed it. But the work had a British theme; it was a story around the ascension of George VI to the British throne, his stammer, and the help he received from an unorthodox Aussie speech therapist. I knew that a very good theatre producer friend of mine in London, Joan Lane, who is very well networked, would find the piece of interest. I sent it on to her.

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...down the stream of things

MinterTom Education Nov.04.2010 0 Comments

…the school year has begun well; this is my third year in the Washington National Opera/DC PS, Guest Artist Teaching program. I am working in 3 schools this term. The Look-In presentation, at the Kennedy Center, was terrific; it flowed with an engaging narrative that was delivered by ‘archetypal’ characters, created by students from the Duke Ellington School for the Arts.

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..on the porch at Cedar Hill

MinterTom Education Oct.24.2010 0 Comments

Situated on a prominent knob, raised above the district of Anacostia, Frederick Douglass’ house has a magisterial view of Washington, and is evidence of the eminence this African-American statesman had achieved in his lifetime. Built in 1850, Douglass moved into the house in 1878, naming it Cedar Hill, and relishing its bucolic aspect above the river.

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Pitiless moonlight

MinterTom Opera Oct.11.2010 0 Comments

..bathes the first advance Salome makes to molest John the Baptist; aghast, the orchestra blares outrage with a shiver of lust, as she grapples to feel his body.. “Lass mich ihn berühren deinen Leib.” ..-but Salome dismisses instantly the grave white flesh of the Apostle, and desires instead the black snakes of his hair.. “Lass mich es berühren, dein Haar!” Jochannan spurns and hisses at Salome; crimson, the lips that condemn her, incite her instead..

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