MinterTom  Dec.17.2020 0 Comments

In coming across an article in this morning's New York Times, I fell into a depth of my own history and journey, reflecting on my first Baldwin, a work that spoke to me.. in my own sense of 'otherness': Giovanni's Room.

This work opened my heart to the fullness of places in the world.. to travel into.. to explore.. to land, in re-inventing myself.. to investigate my own varied regions of curiousness. In it, I discovered that I could be more than earth bound, in strictures of my youth -I could belong to other places, other worlds, paradigms, in reach of thinkers who were investigating how their unique difference opened unexpected relationships to the world.. and others.

I became -unafraid; I sought Baldwin's voice in every facet of how I might journey myself.. taking permissions; taking my place, creating, exploring, failing, to succeding to fail, but trying, accomplish.

This artist and activist, this advocate and voyager, this dark man smiles light that draws us, burns, incinerates, and illuminates.. In the episodes of his journey in life he threaded knowing of innumerable, different people, all of whom learned -by their journey with him.

..some names I learned I had my own thread to.. Beaufort Delaney.. Richard Wright.. Maya Angelou.. -stories for another moment.


But in this moment, immerse in the river of some Who James Baldwin Knew.