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Theater and Policy Salon Humanitini - Visions in Progress: Climate and Community

In cooperation with Arctic Cycle’s Climate Change Theater Action 2021.


A wake-up call through theater, followed by a challenge: what can we all do - as individuals and community  - to energize climate change resilience and climate action - in DC and around the globe. 

As the critical global climate change talks enter the home stretch in mid-November 2021, this Humanitini conversation will combine theater, community, and policy perspectives on climate change and climate resilience for waterfront and coastal communities in DC and around the world. 

​The event will start with a taste of theater that captures and communicates the magnitude of the climate challenge: Us in The Past by Nathan Ellis and an excerpt from America Rex by DC-based African American playwright Tom Minter. Following these brief plays, a panel conversation with advocates, experts, and community leaders will explore how residents can seize their own agency and take action to shape climate change resilience in DC and communities globally.  We will discuss tangible ways that communities in DC can expand climate resilience through influencing Board of Zoning Appeals zoning decisions, DC’s Comprehensive Plan, and choices in transportation, housing, and energy.  Participants will be asked to imagine actionable visions for a balanced and equitable climate future for waterfront and coastal communities in DC and beyond. 

The event is part of an international arts initiative, Arctic Cycle’s Climate Change Theater Action 2021 and will coincide with the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26)  global climate change negotiations in Glasgow. The COP26 annual negotiations scheduled for November 1 -12 represent a crucial 5 year review of Paris Agreement commitments on reducing climate change. With expert assessment that global warming can no longer be stopped, this climate change summit also focuses on climate resilience to deal with the unstoppable damage that will occur even in the best case. This Theater and Policy Salon represents part of a global effort to support ambitious policies on climate and resilience just as Heads of State convene during this “last chance” opportunity to prevent disastrous impacts from global warming.


​Panelists include leaders of the FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center’s Resilience Hub in Ward 7, the Chair of DC’s Climate Commission, and theater artists and college professors.

​This program is co-sponsored by the Corcoran School of the Arts of The George Washington University, in cooperation with Arctic Cycle’s Climate Change Theater Action 2021 and Westminster Presbyterian Church.

This Humanitini is a program of HumanitiesDC and is supported by a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, as well as a Fellowship grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.



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