Mount Everett

-with the best will in the world, Everett’s hope for his wife is that the day only gets better.. -it's a vain hope, considering the day's conclusion is at his dreaded sister-in-law’s..


 .. 'unconditional’ really doesn’t change the fact that.. well, eventually a best friend might just have to tune out on the existential stuff..

betwixt and between

Life weighs on Emeric as an inordinate and Byronic arrogance. 

By university

- and nineteen years surviving preoccupied pedigreed parents -

everything is vainglorious; achievement is folly. Preferable to study 

he wanders campus- thinking: 

the pool

;dismisses it, as: conspicuous.

[He’s considered the roof; pretentious. He’s contemplated the bath; prosaic.

It might have come about through ennui - 

until the library.]