.. as a rush hour tide of people winnow past, a voice rages out of the ravaged stature of a black man, and punctuates aversion with a challenge to observe and consider in sum, ‘whose America are we’?

Dahlias and Moonshine

SYNOPSIS: …one sullen summer’s night .. an estranged husband and wife sit tense, staring into a garden, of dahlias, moonshine..  ..whispering fears strike one another as lightning, jolting years of secrets into view .. for which their son might be paying the price: is it love, or a haunting in plain sight..


This play is in Three Acts.

strawberry dwarfs and other lies

..a sledge hammer hole in the living room wall.. a broken window’s glass, fallen on the inside.. Lillian sets a series of opportunities to ask for assistance.. -even though the evidence in this house never plays as it seems..