Creating Unique Programming

MinterTom Education Aug.10.2015 0 Comments

Creating. Unique. Programming. …set against one another each of those words can wreck havoc in that they speak to something without precedent; something out of the ordinary; something, yet to be in an index table for “standard”. One of the perks for being my age is that creating unique programming falls well into my paradigm of permissions I’ve embraced as ..well, as being my age. It also comes while walking a fine line between ‘hubris’, ‘experience’ and ‘facilitation’.

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Portraits Alive! Summer 2015

MinterTom Education Aug.04.2015 0 Comments amazing program continues at the National Portrait Gallery, here in DC -and wonderfully enough, I was brought back as a facilitator this summer.

A very talented group of students grappled to find meaning deep behind the 'portrait plaques', and in the character of their chosen sitter - inevitably meaning a journey of their own in discovering the dynamic complexities of 'success', and empowerment.


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A talk on the past, touches the present

MinterTom Education Jan.10.2015 0 Comments

When the pieces of a puzzle suddenly fit in place, it’s inevitably a wonderful feeling. But when the piece fits into a puzzle of family history, it can be the ‘ah-ha’ for resonating emotion and pride. Stanford in Washington’s winter session had its Orientation this week, and it included a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, and the opportunity for a talk on the history of DC – the city, apart from the government. I started the talk on the 2nd floor of the museum at the exhibition of Mr.

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Weaving the Bridge notes

MinterTom Education Sep.29.2013 0 Comments

Actors need lines to read, or scenes to enact; musicians need notes to play, or parameters within which to riff. Blues For A Royal Flush requires a group of artists, diverse in their expertise, to come together to put notes, words, and details ahead of the actions of actors, musicians, and technicians, so that this theatre piece can step onto its unique platform, and be experienced.

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