Stories to sing

MinterTom Education Nov.18.2010 0 Comments

I was first contracted to put stories into lyrics for song when the Washington National Opera collaborated with the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative, in November 2009, participating in a project for the program Community In Bloom. For this, the recollections of citizens of Ward 7 were recorded; these reminiscences turned out to span more than a few generations of families, who had been in this particular area of the District, and spoke to a wealth of history slowly being erod

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...down the stream of things

MinterTom Education Nov.04.2010 0 Comments

…the school year has begun well; this is my third year in the Washington National Opera/DC PS, Guest Artist Teaching program. I am working in 3 schools this term. The Look-In presentation, at the Kennedy Center, was terrific; it flowed with an engaging narrative that was delivered by ‘archetypal’ characters, created by students from the Duke Ellington School for the Arts.

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..on the porch at Cedar Hill

MinterTom Education Oct.24.2010 0 Comments

Situated on a prominent knob, raised above the district of Anacostia, Frederick Douglass’ house has a magisterial view of Washington, and is evidence of the eminence this African-American statesman had achieved in his lifetime. Built in 1850, Douglass moved into the house in 1878, naming it Cedar Hill, and relishing its bucolic aspect above the river.

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