Spreading word / HERE I AM

MinterTom Theatre Projects Mar.17.2021 0 Comments

I am sharing my huge congratulations to Mélisande Short-Colomb, and The Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics!

Méli, the core of storytelling that shapes your work is an essential gift in narrative for all the 'undiscussed' to be given as fodder for immersive investigation.

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..a seat at the table /anticipations of the BY ME / 3 Frames project

MinterTom Theatre Projects Mar.12.2021 0 Comments

In my morning read I came across this article, by Harmony Holiday, on Literary Hub. It speaks to our, cultural celebration, setting the table, not just for guests, but for wisdom, perspective, anguish, shared pain -and inspiration.

In weeks to come I will be setting the table for the journey of 3 Frames / BY MEa project just at the table, about to sit, share, celebrate -engage, and.. offer discourse. That, all to come.

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James Baldwin..

MinterTom Dec.17.2020 0 Comments

In coming across an article in this morning's New York Times, I fell into a depth of my own history and journey, reflecting on my first Baldwin, a work that spoke to me.. in my own sense of 'otherness': Giovanni's Room.

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Alchemy.. in becoming one

MinterTom Nov.05.2020 0 Comments

..I have always been a voracious reader.. and then, as hormones hit, I became an omniverous reader, scarfing the look of foreign languages on the page, personalities in abundance, language -words- that connected, across my thinking.. - everything was food; I was Mentat; I was apprentice; I was Italian; I was James Baldwin; I was anyone.. in wandering my imagining.

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