A View From The Bridge (1)/...beginnings

MinterTom Opera Jul.31.2012 0 Comments

..beginnings are such nerve wracking moments. But imagine the excitement of Washington National Opera, gathering exceptional artists together to give the sixth production of a work by a major living American composer. Compound the excitement with the knowledge that the composer will be present and that the opera has garnered, at each presentation, adulation, greater stature, and a deepening renown and suddenly, this ‘beginning’ is an event. And it brings WNO’s production team and company talents into an even brighter spotlight.

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Summer discoveries..

MinterTom Opera Jul.30.2012 0 Comments

..well, there was the glut of dust bunnies under my books, in the living room. ..there were the carton of ‘good intentions’ and projects itemized for attempt, on my desktop.. -there was the joy of immersion in a particular book: Verdi’s Aida; The History of an Opera, in Letters and Documents, by Hans Busch, which detailed the gestation, creation, collaboration and first years of performance of that seminal opera. Incredible story..

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MinterTom Life Jun.27.2012 0 Comments

..last week I attended S.C.A.M.P., an opening at Gallery Plan b that included the works of friends of mine; each, visual artists. Standing in that gallery I enjoyed their success as much as their work, and felt a cathartic joy at seeing the walls of the space hosting such a diverse and complimentary collection of completed thoughts.

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Before rehearsals..

MinterTom Theatre Projects Jun.18.2012 0 Comments

..walking down Great Barrington’s main street: facing Robbin’s insolently enticing open doors, and straining not to succumb to the perfume of sugar (in incalculable forms), there is a tickle at the back of your neck; facing the itch –you turn to find Tom’s Toy Store. Yes. True. I couldn’t even make this geography up! Two poles of childhood; one sweet, the other beckoning –with my own name..-and ‘yes’, though the mountains beyond coddle a sluice of other stores and shops and points of interest, that purl through town..

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