Another step of Blues..

MinterTom Theatre Projects Feb.28.2015 0 Comments

..beyond the averages; Blues has had three important iterations in a twelve month period, and for a 'new work', that is remarkable. Such a swift journey has also afforded opportunity for me to whittle in on specific changes that I feel the need to engage in with this piece, as it is new, and as every time there is the chance to see it 'standing', I get to view a further shading in its stance.

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A talk on the past, touches the present

MinterTom Education Jan.10.2015 0 Comments

When the pieces of a puzzle suddenly fit in place, it’s inevitably a wonderful feeling. But when the piece fits into a puzzle of family history, it can be the ‘ah-ha’ for resonating emotion and pride. Stanford in Washington’s winter session had its Orientation this week, and it included a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, and the opportunity for a talk on the history of DC – the city, apart from the government. I started the talk on the 2nd floor of the museum at the exhibition of Mr.

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A Reading In NY..

MinterTom Theatre Companies May.06.2014 0 Comments has been far too much time between entries, and though there has been a great deal going on, the tempo has been such that I have not had the opportunity to pause and commit to reflection.. A good thing! Never fault too much to do ..but, I must find the way to enjoy moments of viewing the ride!

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