MinterTom Opera May.18.2012 0 Comments

I'd decided the name of my piece for the Mini Opera submission was, Below Above.. But in the restlessness of last night..-no surprise- it's found its real title: In The Flutter Of An Eye! ..posting soon..

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mini operas

MinterTom Opera May.17.2012 0 Comments

…as far as ‘Minterisms’ go (‘serendipity’; ‘synchronicity’; and the like).. this one wasn’t one of my best; I came upon the announcement while randomly reading opera reviews..

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Widening the road..

MinterTom Life Apr.14.2012 0 Comments

..time has been hurtling; the school year has been an adventure of journeying with my classes through Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, and it has brought surprising connections. In general, the students (independently, and from different schools) did not agree that the men of the piece should have forced their girlfriends into ‘proving their love and faithfulness’; by and large, students felt that deceit was deceit, and not a good trait of friendship.

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